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Es habitual utilizar VMWare Workstation para montar laboratorios y realizar pruebas.

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Al iniciar una VM utilizando VMWare Workstation, nos podemos encontrar con el siguiente error:

Cannot open the disk "ruta fichero VMDK" or one of the snapshot disks it depends on. Reason: The specified virtual disk needs repair.

En el directorio de instalación de VMWare Workstation:

C:\Program Files (x86)\VMware\VMware Workstation

podemos encontrar la herramienta: vmware-vdiskmanager.exe

Ejecutando vmware-vdiskmanager.exe, con el parámetro -R, nos permite realizar una reparación del fichero o ficheros VMDK de la VM.

VMware Virtual Disk Manager - build 2985596.
Usage: vmware-vdiskmanager.exe OPTIONS |
Offline disk manipulation utility
  Operations, only one may be specified at a time:
     -c       : create disk.  Additional creation options must be specified.  Only local virtual disks can be created.
     -d       : defragment the specified virtual disk. Only local virtual disks may be defragmented.
     -k       : shrink the specified virtual disk. Only local virtual disks may be shrunk.
     -n      : rename the specified virtual disk; need to specify destination disk-name. Only local virtual disks may be renamed.
     -p       : prepare the mounted virtual disk specified by the mount point for shrinking.
     -r      : convert the specified disk; need to specify destination disk-type.  For local destination disks the disk type must be specified.
     -x     : expand the disk to the specified capacity. Only local virtual disks may be expanded.
     -R       : check a sparse virtual disk for consistency and attempt to repair any errors.
     -e       : check for disk chain consistency.
     -D       : make disk deletable.  This should only be used on disks that have been copied from another product.

  Other Options:
     -q       : do not log messages

  Additional options for create and convert:
     -a          : (for use with -c only) adapter type
                            (ide, buslogic, lsilogic). Pass lsilogic for other adapter types.
     -s             : capacity of the virtual disk
     -t        : disk type id

  Disk types:
      0       : single growable virtual disk
      1       : growable virtual disk split in 2GB files
      2       : preallocated virtual disk
      3       : preallocated virtual disk split in 2GB files
      4       : preallocated ESX-type virtual disk
      5       : compressed disk optimized for streaming
      6       : thin provisioned virtual disk - ESX 3.x and above

     The capacity can be specified in sectors, KB, MB or GB.
     The acceptable ranges:
                           ide/scsi adapter : [1MB, 8192.0GB]
                           buslogic adapter : [1MB, 2040.0GB]
        ex 1: vmware-vdiskmanager.exe -c -s 850MB -a ide -t 0 myIdeDisk.vmdk
        ex 2: vmware-vdiskmanager.exe -d myDisk.vmdk
        ex 3: vmware-vdiskmanager.exe -r sourceDisk.vmdk -t 0 destinationDisk.vmdk
        ex 4: vmware-vdiskmanager.exe -x 36GB myDisk.vmdk
        ex 5: vmware-vdiskmanager.exe -n sourceName.vmdk destinationName.vmdk
        ex 6: vmware-vdiskmanager.exe -r sourceDisk.vmdk -t 4 -h esx-name.mycompany.com \
              -u username -f passwordfile "[storage1]/path/to/targetDisk.vmdk"
        ex 7: vmware-vdiskmanager.exe -k myDisk.vmdk
        ex 8: vmware-vdiskmanager.exe -p
              (A virtual disk first needs to be mounted at )

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